In my arena of work in Embodiment, there is a line ‘truth’ that floats around above all else… that embodiment is about ‘coming home to the body’.

Yessss… this is so true.

But, what about those whose bodies betray them?

Those who have bodies that feel foreign, violated, violent, numb, disconnected?

Well, yes, embodiment ultimately helps us understand these feelings (or lack of) on a much deeper level, which leads to feeling more at home in the body.

But when this sense of ‘feeling at home’ isn’t accessible, which it simply isn’t to so many people who are often stuck…

I cried this morning.

In public.

For a while too.

I poured my coffee to-go, put the nephew doggies in my car and drove to the beach.

As the sun rose from behind the forest-lined highway — literally blinding me as I drove into it — I felt my usual sense of gratitude for the beauty surrounding me, for the sense of spaciousness that I’ve insisted upon in my own life, for my own well-being & inner peace, for the handful of people with whom we meet in love, substance and realness, for my blessings, for my now-unshakable trust in…

Photo: Unsplash Anne Nygård

I used to pride myself in being able to perceive people’s weaknesses, flaws, voids… where they fell short — not because I had the desire to manipulate them, but because then I would “know” in what manner they would inevitably disappoint me, or hurt me.

(This is a coping mechanism that hsp/codependent/ppl pleasers learn as a way to survive when they are children. to anticipate people’s needs/moods in order to stay’ safe’ and ‘loved’.)

Humans CRAVE Certainty. Security. Knowing. Foretelling the Future. Seeing what lies ahead.

Our brains are literally wired for it — to ingrain patterns.

To have a…

Exhaustion has a pretty bad reputation… I mean, who likes to feel totally and utterly depleted, zapped of all energy, excitement and inspiration?

We have this belief that we should be accomplishing goals, making progress, being productive — even when we’re not…

Even when we’re laying in bed at night trying to sleep, our minds race.

I’ve experienced a lot of exhaustion recently.

For many reasons… but that’s not so important as sharing why exhaustion should be appreciated more.

You know what also happens when we’re exhausted?

Our tolerance for bullsh*t goes out the window.

Our ability to disregard our…

I know this will sound woo-woo, hippy, cheesy or flat out untrue to some people — and for you who feel this way, hear me out even more deeply.

This deep awareness arose during my morning non-linear movement practice today… which I ugly cried through the entire hour.

(Contrary to what some believe, crying is often a fantastic sign that a breakthrough is happening! It is deep strength and truth pushing through the bullsh*t we’ve been wearing like a snake shedding its old, decaying skin.)

Your sadness? It exists because you care.

Your anger? …

There is a certain gravitas to this word for most people, even if we don’t exactly know what it means. It’s formally used most often in reference to governments… “Sovereignty is the full right and power of a governing body over itself, without any interference from outside sources or bodies.”

Then, in context of personhood, this word means that we as people have full right and power over ourselves, without interference from outside sources.

This can obviously be taken many ways, depending on your perspective… I’ll share here what it means to me.

To be Sovereign means we have personal…

We can use archetypes to bring to light what we might let go of that is no longer serving us, when we are triggered. Child, Infant, Toddler, Martyr, Prostitute etc…

Same goes for when we are choosing who we are becoming in the world (yes, to some degree we have choice, but not totally.. choice is on a range, and I hope what I share helps illustrate this…)

We can feel into the resonance of archetypes, or even people we look up to, and feel what it might be like within our own bodies to hold the energy of the…

Image: Aaron Burden via Unsplash

This time of year in the lush, verdant Pacific Northwest, the salmon can be found spawning in many of the rivers. This morning we went for a walk in the forest and paused for a moment to witness this force of nature — something I honestly haven’t taken the time to truly be with before.

While the male & female fish flipping & splashing about, laying & fertilizing eggs alongside the corpses & fish parts of their fellow salmon… they are also slowly rotting alive. The aroma is putrid. Their fins are visibly turning to mush. Their scales are falling…

Photo by Alex Ware on Unsplash

We can quite literally be addicted to anything.

We can also not be addicted to things that others may be, or that may be considered socially ‘bad’.

Addiction isn’t really about the drug or habit, though our bodies may have very real physiological reactions and withdrawals.

Addiction is foundationally about chasing-after and/or rejecting some part of ourself — and there is always an emotional element that points to this.

(Check out the work by addiction expert, Dr. Gabor Mate for more…)

If we shift our perspective to notice this, we can see, and somatically experience, that when our addiction is…

Labeling ‘self-worth’ or ‘low self-esteem’ issues has become so commonplace that the words have all but lost their meaning for most of us.

Furthermore, the term ‘self-worth’ in our modern hustle-&-grind, insta-influencer millennial world has an under-current meaning equated with financial or material success. Even when we intellectually acknowledge this is not true, there is still some part of us that doesn’t feel like we are ‘enough’ or ‘doing it right’ unless our external world, or bank accounts reflect this worth to us.

As for the term ‘self-esteem’; when we say someone has ‘low self-esteem’, I would challenge you to…

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